Relationship Consulting and Coaching in English

I offer relationship and sex consulting and coaching in English as well as in German.

My space is LGTBQIA+ affirming, kink-informed and open to all forms of relationships, ranging from monogamous, open monogamy of all forms, as well as poly-relationships depending on your specific needs and priorities.

Payments can be made easily through Paypal. Please inquire for rates specific to your area of residence. We will work very effectively through the Zoom Communication Platform.

Consulting towards effective solutions for your relationship

I am aiming at getting towards the important issues of your challenges as quickly and as effectively as possible. Together we will develop solutions and possibilities of change in order to create the relationship that you are looking for.

My support focuses on the quality of your relationship, on intimacy and sexuality as well as on trust.

We are working simultaneously with body, mind and heart. Creating a new and quality-based relationship often means letting go of old and unhelpful relationship strategies and roles.

Generally we work in three steps:

  1. Together we explore your current relationship pattern. What behaviour does not serve your goal in creating the desired relationship quality?
  2. We will then find out, why this behaviour has developed and what its purpose is. Understanding old patterns opens the door to transformation and change.
  3. We will then create new ways of working your relationship and put them into action. Together we will develop concrete action steps that you can take to form the new relationship that you deserve and desire.

Some information about me:

I have grown up in the town of Karlsruhe, in South-West Germany. I studied law and political science in Freiburg, Glasgow (UK) and Berlin. I have worked as mediator at the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Bangalore, India. I then organized treks and tours in the Indian Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent for many years before returning to Europe. During that time I studied Buddhist meditation as well as yoga.

Back in Europe I founded my counselling service focusing on all matters relational (legal as well as psychological).

My focus here is in creating meaningful, deep and happy relationships. My belief is that from high quality intimate relationships we will be able to slowly transform our societies toward being more considerate and wholesome.

My training in relationship counselling include not exclusively:

  1. Relational Life Therapy with Terry Real
  2. RELATE Therapy with Esther Perel und Terry Real
  3. Internal Family Systems Therapy with Richard Schwarz and the IFS Institute
  4. Integrative Sex Therapy with Dr. Tammy Nelson
  5. Couples Therapy with Samarona Buunk (UTA Akademie Köln)
  6. Family Counselling with Robert Rhoton (Family Trauma Intensive)
  7. Training in Mediation at the Werkstatt für gewaltfreie Aktion Baden.
  8. Hypnosystemic Coaching with Dr. Stephen Gilligan
  9. Coaching-Training at the Path of Love- Institute with Turiya Hannover and Rafia Morgan

I continue to participate regularly in supervision and further trainings within the Real Life Program (Terry Real) and the Internal Family Systems Continuity Program (Richard Schwarz).